Hi, my name is Nick Kusters, I'm 38 years old, husband to Giselle and the proud dad of Marie-Élise and Amèlie :) I live and work in Limburg, the south of The Netherlands as a software developer and consultant.

Bag Tool

My wife plays Alien-Worlds on her phone, and it's near impossible to go grab the NFT IDs and use the setbag action on Blocks, formatting the JSON, etc, so I made a simple visual tool that lets you set your bag to help her. I find it easier myself to switch loadouts as well using this, so I use it myself as well.

R-Planet tool

I recently made a tool for R-Planet that blew up quite a bit; you can check these videos below if you want more info about that.

100 subscriber video and explanation about rp.naw.io

New Design

Keep in touch

I'm active on a few social media channels, feel free to check them out to stay up2date

As you might be able to tell; this isn't as polished as I'd want it to be, but I don't feel like it's a worth it to hold back all the good updates just to make this more fancy, I hope you bare with me.


There is still a lot of stuff I want to do

Try to Claim NFTs

Alien-Worlds recently changed that you no longer get NFTs automatically, you have to execute a contract manually... I added this 1-click button so you can easily do so.

About the "The template's maxsupply has already been reached" error

For tools like the Power Extractor and some other common templates, all the mints have been issued, so when you try to claim more, you get the above error. This is a bug in the Alien Worlds design for this new system, they are aware and will probably remove those template IDs from the table in the future. Untill then, you can only skip them and wait. I might add something that removes listings that have the templates that ran out in the near future.



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